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Why has the Wally Dolly been so loved by the Aussies and the Brits since 1996?

For the first time the Wally Dolly is now available in the U.S.  You could call it the Goldilocks dolly for news magazine, doco and Indi shooters, not too heavy, not too light and it sets up in no time at all. It’s the perfect balance for getting the shot without taking all day to set it up, or being too flimsy to use when you’re outside and off the pavement. How? Read on.



John setting up frame grab with blur II- 1200x



Fast setup

The Wally Dolly Basic Kit sets up in 2 minutes and 25 seconds, simple, no tools needed. Have a look at this time-lapse, speed ramped clip of John setting it up here. You can setup, shoot and pack-up in around 10 minutes if you’re under time pressure. 


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Seamless joins and large diameter track

Large diameter anodized hi-spec aluminum track and thick pads allow use over cobblestones, grass etc without sagging like lighter dollies that use very thin track. There’s no squeaking from the wheels due to the anodizing and the joins are virtually seamless using acetal large gauge screw plugs that can easily be replaced if they ever wear out. Check out the gallery here to see where Wally Dolly has been used and the FAQ.


Kit Bag- 1200x



One bag or case, it's always with you ready to go.

The Wally Dolly Basic (9') and Complete (12') kits fit in a tripod tube or in the Walkabout hard case here. No rushing off to a hardware store to buy pipes and stick them on the roof of your vehicle, you see a shot, setup in minutes and grab it. The whole thing weighs 25-29lbs, a little more if it’s in the Walkabout hard case.



IMG 8899- 1200x



Going low to the ground fast.

The Low Boy attachment is a hi-hat (included with the Complete Kit) which allows the mounting of your 100mm tripod head right onto the dolly around 12” from the ground in seconds. It slots straight onto the Wally Dolly T piece with the addition of one extra hand screw, no tools needed for a very dramatic low shot. Have a look at the Low Boy demo video here.



Ext Kit 3- 1200x


Expandable and modular

Want more track? You can buy 3’, 6’ and 9’ extension kits and just keep on adding. Stuff happens as we all know on shoots, so the Wally Dolly is fully modular. If you do manage to damage a section of track or an end plug, just replace that small section or part.

Just How Fast Can I Set It Up?

HowFastIconFast, Real fast! Check out this clip to see... 

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The DP wants a 12 foot dolly move?  Give me 2 minutes" - Matt Engel, DC based Gaffer